Your virtual, evidence-based guidebook to serving individuals with POTS in rehabilitation. You will learn the pathophysiology of POTS, evaluation, and treatment. Find the latest research for evidence-based practice all in one place. Result: confidence in treating clients with POTS in rehabilitation - we guarantee it.*

    1. Overview of Course

    2. Overview of Course Slides

    1. Patient Handouts

    2. Therapist Handouts

    3. Course References

    4. Documentation Smart Phrases

    1. Overview of POTS: part 1

    2. Overview of POTS: part 2

    3. Overview of POTS Slides

    1. Evaluation

    2. Evaluation Slides

    1. Intervention Part 1 Slides

    2. Fluid and Sodium

    3. Compression and Bed Elevation

    4. Exercise

    5. Exercise Q&A Interview with Geneva Kaplan-Smith, DPT

    6. Pilates Sample with Geneva Kaplan-Smith, DPT

    7. Activity Tolerance and Fatigue Management

    8. Intervention Part 2 Slides

    9. Respiration and Body Awareness

    10. Pain Management

    11. Sleep

    12. Sensory

    13. Cognition

    14. Nutrition and Digestion

    15. Psychosocial

    1. Assessing Progress & Discharge Planning

    2. Assessing Progress & Discharge Planning Slides


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